Presented to you in THRILLING 2-Dimensional artwork, Lukas Persson, and Alan Dillingham bring you their brand new line of PottoCo Hq Comics. It's nothing but the tops for the fanatics of the Potts!
The Adventures of Potto & Finger
A couple a heroes in their own mind, but will they ever add up to the world, or just remain a couple of wise-ass rubes, sitting pretty, in the middle of the PottCo trailer park?

The Groundskeeper Chronicles
Follows The Groundskeeper from ANNA lore, as he collect souls on his travels, returning them to the cemetery, where he feeds The Twins, raising them from infancy.

Kissy LIps: Fly Away Home
After getting left behind by the little girl Kissy Lips was planted on, she panics, and goes on a mighty adventure to find someone to share her love with. But it's easier said then done, when most people are just scared to death of her. (Coming Soon)

Team Kissy Squad: Sewage Unit Unite
After the little girl gets home, leaving Kissy Lips behind, her mother gives her a bath, washing all the rest of the kisses down the drain. Now it's a matter of survival, as the kisses band together, teaming up with a wise, old alligator, hell-bent on breaking free into the world above. (Coming Soon)
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