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Ella La Loup
Writer/Director, Natasha Kermani comes at us full force, with this short film which follows the story of a mysterious woman who comes upon a motorcycle accident victim, and the last conversation they share before his death. Set to shoot late-fall, 2010.

Anna VS. The Groundskeeper
Two bands of brothers: a group of misfit generation Xers led by the tenaciously outspoken ANNA – a true sight for sore eyes – who face off against a group of the nastiest forest dwelling creepers imaginable, led by their VILE king, THE GROUNDSKEEPER. A short film set to shoot late fall, 2010.

Anna in Blood
Deep within this forest of pure nightmare, where sinister twin beasts reign, their reach stretched by their army of the undead; only the mysterious Groundskeeper and his lovely daughter Anna can possibly put a stop to their madness… only if, there’s a hope left to this world.

Anna’s Bloody Revenge
A hundred and change years later, Anna finds herself in a world gone bad, with one thought burning heavy on her mind; who's responcable for this nightmare turned true, and how best to kill them good.

A Soft Hand, To Kill a Poet
After a near miss with his car, Billy Soft takes Ella Stacy in and off the road, hell bent on keeping her safe from harms hands. But in getting too close, he could be putting his own life at risk, within the ill-intents of this mysteries softest grasp.

This Girl’s Gun
Set shortly after the worlds end --God knows when, God knows where -- Strawberry Meathooks, Mad Lula and The Girl return from the warzone outsite, into a warzone of their own. This is a short film, scheduled to shoot, spring, 2008.

The Loathsome Life of Riley Stoker
After a scandalous affair with Daisy, a high school student of his, Riley Stoker loses everything he'd held dear, his job, his wife, his kid, his life, lost in a flash, and left in a place, as low as a man can get. But when Daisy finds Riley down and out, years later, she takes him in, giving him a place to live, with her and an eccentric old grandfather, who both teach him that life's more interesting when sanity, common sense, and Normality have all been tossed recklessly out the window.

A Watchmaker's Heart
After having his heart broken to pieces, Jakob's friends drag him out into the city, for a surreal adventure, chasing sanctum, but finding nothing but pain, insanity and misery.
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