At Second Thought

I'd nuzzle your neck,
then plummet insane,
my fingertips roaming
your naked terrain.
A sketch of ideas
from my tongue they would reign.
some shocking some daring
my deep-rooted shame.

So I roll in and fasten
a full body sock.
made tight, of hard wool
to absorb all the shock.
then hop back to bed,
and wiggle on top.
now I can fall,
go clank like a rock.

But you had to keep slipping
your fingers inside,
my body cocoon,
I'm trying to hide.
Stop poking, it tickles
I'm sick that you lied.
Stop tying to love me,
I openly cried.

And now I can't move,
you've tied me secure.
What is it you want,
you emo-shocked whore?
I've nothing to give,
I'm locked past the door.
Go fetch me some scissors,
I want this no more.

All Poems © 2001-2007 Blister Herzog, all rights reserved.