A Monkey's Tale.

Look at da monkey
playing vith scissors
he just vants to make a collage.
He told me in confidence
he hopes to ensnare
this lady vith big bloody claws.
zey both vere out drinking
and dancing and grooving
grinding zeir hips into mud.
His testicles weaving
a sweater vorth heaving
pumping out semen and blood.
So monkey voke early
throbbing and popping
his mind, a foggy soft blob
vas she for real
an orgasmic ordeal
or simply a dried rusty knob.
Now zis did not matter
to za mad monkey hatter
she showed interest, and zat vas enough.
So he cut and he pasted
from lust he had tasted
he'd shower her with truckloads of stuff.
But when it came time
that hour sublime
this dame vas nowhere in sight.
Did she exist
this angel he'd kissed
a phantom that haunted his night?
The answer vas no
Not one thing to show
His fantasy, all he had left.
So monkey vent home
Depressed and alone
His heart and his spirit bereft.

All Poems © 2001-2007 Blister Herzog, all rights reserved.