Fatlipped Johnny & Hetero Friend Pete.

Fatlipped Johnny
smug as can be
lived in a penthouse
in a mulberry tree.
Slept most the day
on a bed of raw meat
snuggled up tight
with Hetero Friend Pete.

Hetero Friend Pete
made homemade gelato.
With chives, pork sausage
and fresh grown tomato.
He’d give it to beggars,
for amusing short stories.
Then pass them himself
as though his great glories

So Fatlipped Johnny
and Hetero Friend Pete
eagerly dove
off the edge of their seat.
They split into four,
in every which way
to exaggerate more
the things that they'd say.

I'm Johnny said Pete
with a fat lipped libido
Rounding the town
in a Chinese tuxedo.
I've come all this way
on a short harried pony
I'm nothing worth doing
a hallowed out phony.

At that the whole town
cheered and embraced them.
They married, had children
named Josie and Jem
Now Josie likes sleeping
and dreaming of sailors
As Jem bakes puffed pastries
of multiple flavors.

But then when they grow
they'll combine into one.
Breathing out fire,
as hot as the sun.
Their arms giant cannons
filled with excuses.
Mashing our hearts and our brains
into bruises.

All Poems © 2001-2007 Blister Herzog, all rights reserved.