Obvious, Piece of Ass.

Everything about you is obvious, can we make out now? You are so predictable as a human being, that I totally want to have anal sex with you. You're answer to that question I asked last week was no different from anyone else down the entire fucking street, and yet, I'd still like to tit fuck every single one of them, and you, for god's sake, I do. You tried to surprise me, so damn hard you tried, and it's cute, you tried, failed, and kinda smell like dead fish, but I still really want to choke you with my sperm... I just don't want you to call me ever again, cause when you do, I feel a little bit closer to the idea of setting my entire head on fire, then sleeping it off for the rest of my life, within the walls of your stupid, putrid vagina.

All Poems © 2001-2007 Blister Herzog, all rights reserved.