Sogging Hugging Woman.

Soggy hugging woman
Soaking in my tee
slopping up my hair
up against a tree
our sloppy juices flowing
I pull and poke and squeeze
nipples harder than true love
from this wicked breeze.
But now the soggy sex is splendid
as I tickle with words and grunts
Legs are twisted splayed and sprayed
all sorts of creepy stunts
So soggy hugging woman
you're out for lust and gore
every midnight, on the dot
rapping at my door.
I've let you in
and slammed your heart
But it never seems enough.
You want it wicked, you want it hard
your body thrown down rough.
But I'm a lover, and such a softy
so I hate to disappoint
You're more to me then soggy flesh
or a gently roasted joint.

All Poems © 2001-2007 Blister Herzog, all rights reserved.