Q - What is a PottoCo Hq?
A - It's the Potto Company Head Quarters. A Potto is a small, slow-
moving, nocturnal Primate with a short tail, living in dense
vegetation in the tropical forests of Africa.
The Head Quarters are
where Potto & Finger conduct their secret business as world-wide

Q - Why does Finger look like a Penis?
A - Because you've got your head up your ass, but we still love you --
send us money.

Q - That Alan fellah is out of this world, is he available?
A - Sorry ladies, but no, he's otherwise engaged. However, if it's love
you're looking for... then we can't really help, but if it's just a fling,
and you don't really mind getting hurt, or made to cry, then maybe
you should contact Blister Herzog, he's not particular.

Q - Can I have a job, or an internship with PottoCo Hq?
A - No, sorry, we haven't any room for you right now, but if you'd like
to prepare meals for us, and leave them outside our door, that'd
be fine.

Q - Will you write me a letter of recommendation?
A - Who are you? Sure, five bucks, we'll write you a nice little letter.

Q - What is a Firewall?
A - A giant wall of fire, created most likely by the sun's evil rays.
A man may need a special suit of protective fabric to make it
through completely, whereas a women can get through just by
willing it, but if they wear clothing during the pass-through, then
the clothes could catch, causing severe burns to the face and/or
torso. Also, see networked computer protection.

Q - How big can snowflakes get?
A - I was once trapped under a ten-pound snowflake named Clara,
who nibbled on my ear, and filled me full of ice-cold inspiration.
We married two weeks later, and had a beautiful baby girl, but
unfortunately, they both melted, leaving me with all sorts of